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But then I noticed I had no views, I couldnt type in forum, I couldnt message anyone and when I went to upgrade my account it said that my profile was not complete.

However if you feel the need to, follow the steps in Help. x Hi , Ive been Hit by people who email me telling me there accounts are not available or gone without any notice etc. its like one day they log on and cant so who do they contact??

any idea will help so I can pass this along thanks , most are good people so even Im confussed as to why this is happening and seems a lot more latley? But in reality they will probably not get a response. The username that you (quite incorrectly) refer to appears to have been deleted by the System.

I can not seem to get a reply from anyone, and I dont want this account to actually be blocked and deleted. Thanks Well I thought I would go try and delete it, but I cant even log into it. When I had it open and was trying to message people etc etc, a friend tried to search for me by user name and it wouldnt show me. Geesh, you'd think if they could figure out I MIGHT have two accounts. I get flirts or messages and cannot fo anything bout them. The one thing you want to be certain to check immediately after sending any message, especially first messages, is your sent message folder. Simply put, if your message does not appear in your sent message folder, it was not sent.

They could have gotten the multiple emails telling them my account wasnt working.... Pay no attention to any "Message Sent" response this site may give you.

They clearly state that only questions not addressed in the help section will be answered to start with.

Most little glitches or problems I think they will figure are fixed by the time they even read your emails.

If it is not immediately shown as part of your sent messages, it was not sent. For instance, unless you are an upgraded member, you would never know if someone read and deleted your message, or if it was unread/deleted.

I've attempted several times to email POF but each time I got no reply.

You are not going to get the same level of customer service on a huge free site like this that you would at e Harmony or Match where you are paying a month.

They can afford large programming and customer service staffs due to the a month.

We waited on the line for the system to pass through all options before being placed on hold.

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