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You can hold an office party during the lunch hour, either at your place of business or someone else's.You could do a mini party before a PTA meeting, or at a mom's outing.

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As your guests arrive, go over the wish list with them, and help them pick items out.

Offer free gift wrapping to make the entire process that much easier.

Invite all your past hostesses and customers over to your home to show off the new line of products.

Make sure you have refreshments available at your home sales parties and do a drawing to encourage guests to attend.

This is a great way to get some of your prior party guests who've been wishy-washy about hosting a party involved, and that extra incentive of 5 tickets to someone who books a show goes a long way.

Portable Parties Get together a large basket with some of your products, catalogs and order forms, and do home sales parties on the go!

The Open House Having home sales parties open houses are a great way to showcase a new catalog.

If your party plan company produces two catalogs per year, plan to have two open houses per year.

It helps while demonstrating products to hold up your most expensive items and tell guests how much they cost when they have a show, giving them more incentive.

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