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I’ve recently become addicted to “Dancing with the Stars.” I know, I’m slow to join the onslaught of rabid fans. The women, at least the ones who have stayed in the game, all are strong, confident, and feisty.

Watching so many shows at once I noticed a theme emerge in the behind-the-scenes interviews with the dancers.

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The Love Quotes Encyclopedia is a rich and widely varied collection of very selective famous quotes and love sayings on all aspects of love and relationships.

Among the topics covered here are famous authors, love sayings, romance quotations, seduction , flirting, dating, kissing, women, men, girlfriends and boyfriends.But the woman who stands out for me is Leila Ali, who as a boxing champion one would expect to be strong willed and gutsy.But she mixes it with a sensuality, gracefulness, and allure that have many men’s mouths on the floor. ) of my dating gal pals are also spirited, self-assured and spunky, it made me wonder if this was a guy magnet or repellent.We also have marriage quotes, as well as famous quotations and sayings on engagement, relationships, breakups and sweethearts ... You'll find entries from the vast avenues of literature and poetry such as Shakespeare love quotes, D. Lawrence quotes, Byron quotations, and Kahlil Gibran quotes just to name a few, many aspiring poets, popular culture (movies, songs, operas) , and other miscellaneous sources.A heart is not a plaything A heart is not a toy But if you want it broken Just give it to a boy Boys, they like to play with things To see what makes them run But when it comes to kissing They do it just for fun Boys never give their hearts away They play us girls for fools They wait until we give our hearts And then they play it cool You will wonder where he is at night You will wonder if he is true One moment you'll be happy One moment you'll be blue If you get a chance to see him Your heart begins to dance Your life revolves around him There is nothing like romance And then it starts to happen You worry day and night You see my friend, you're losing him It never turns out right Boys are great although immature The price you pay is high He may seem sweet and gorgeous But remember he's just a guy Don't fall in love with just a boy That takes a lot of nerve You see my friend, you need a man To get what you deserve So when you think you'll be in love Be careful if you can Before you give your heart away Make sure that he's a man.This, of course, is the same Michael Owen who reportedly earned £133,000 per week at Newcastle, who at one point during his Stoke City season had earned £7,000 per minute played, and who has made a vast wealth outside of football in racehorses and advertising.

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