How to run msn messenger without updating

Something to test after adding/enabling an Extension: Ctrl A (select all) followed by right-click to bring up context menu.

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Usage problems with Firefox 29: firefox 39 | Mozilla Add-ons Blog will start warning about unsigned add-ons (Blog).

Twelve weeks later (2 update cycles), you will be unable to use add-ons not signed by Mozilla.

If it is already running then terminate that task and try again, this usually gets you back.

Had a rather serious problem in that Firefox would come up in the running tasks (Ctrl Alt Del) but not in the running Application (tab) and terminating and restarting did not work.

Had to backup my profile (2005-03-19), uninstall Firefox from the file folder (not found in uninstall programs), and delete all it's files and then a complete reinstall of Firefox 1.0.1 (and 1.0.2 was coming out the next week is now available).

Probably somewhat of a symptom the firefox that would not start had a zero size is not a Firefox forum), and in Though safe mode did not help, I did have to delete and recreate a profile, after reinstalling Firefox.

Seems to match description of various “floating image toolbar” extensions -- but I have no such extension installed that I know of.

In fact the comments on one such extensions say it is annoying.

So I expect we will no longer be able to run add-ons written by old developers MIA.

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