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UPDATE 10/12/2017 @ PM A man from Sweden who flew to the U. to meet a 12-year-old girl in Bluefield waived the time limit on his preliminary hearing on Thursday, October 12th.

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Simon Apell faces justice from the Swedish government which has universal jurisdiction which means the government is allowed to convict citizens for crimes that were not committed within the country.

A search warrant was issued for Apell's home in Sweden.

The complaint said Apell picked up the victim while she was home alone with a younger sibling.

While the victim was missing, officials learned more about Apell from the victims friends who told authorities the victim was talking about her boyfriend from Sweden and how the two planned to go to Mississippi to live together.

His sentence will be suspended, and he'll be returned to Sweden to face prosecution under their court system," Sitler explained.

If he is found guilty, he will not be allowed back into the U. UPDATE 11/2/2017 @ AM A man from Sweden who flew to the U. to meet a 12-year-old girl in Bluefield could be deported.

He told officials when he first met the victim, he thought she was 18-years-old but when he later found out she was only 12-years-old, had already fallen in love with her.

The FBI and Mercer County Deputies are investigating the incident.

According to Anthony Heltzel, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Mercer County, Apell was not charged with kidnapping because the victim was believed to have left with the defendant under her own will.

"We were under reasonable belief that she voluntarily went with the defendant and since there was no taking away of the victim in this matter, there really wasn't a kidnapping charge," Heltzel explained.

Apell could face multiple charges in Sweden, including sex with a minor and using a computer to seduce a minor.

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