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"You are the incarnation of your family's ambition.

I am the incarnation of your family's fear." Sarah tells him.

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The 2006 film Blood Diamond and the 2008 movie The Day the Earth Stood Still also portrayed her. She dated Russell Crowe according to news and tabloids when they were filming a beautiful mind together but the relationship was not confirmed.

The 2009 film He’s Just Not That into You and the 2014 film Noah are her other film credits. She was dating Billy Crudup on 1996 and was then in a relationship with David Dugan from 1996 to 1997.

A man finds his melancholy turning to madness in this thriller.

Young lawyer Fielding Pierce (Billy Crudup) has just thrown his hat in the ring for an upcoming congressional election.

As the pressure of his campaign heats up he begins to believe that Sarah wasn't really killed in that car. In the past, their political differences begin to fray their relationship as she starts to get involved in her activist group, all of whom are insulting and condescending towards Fielding and his ambition to become a Senator.

In the present Fielding's campaign rumbles on as his sanity begins to unhinge. He's very restrained and proper for most of the movie, as you'd expect from someone running for office, only losing his grip in a couple of key scenes. "But I can't help noticing that when people run to freedom they tend to wash up on North American shores.

Her other roles include in movies like Hulk and Dark Water.

She is the recipient of Academy Award, Golden Globe Award as well as the BAFTA Award.

The movie then flashes back a few years to when Fielding was in the Coast Guard (partly to avoid Vietnam) where he met Sarah while on leave when she worked in his brother's office and the two quickly fell in love. He's a Democrat, but a moderate one, while Sarah is a way out there on the left fringe liberal.

She actually tells Fielding at one point that she hopes he doesn't end up in Vietnam because then she wouldn't know who to root for because he'd be fighting against the side she wants to win.

She appeared in the 1986 film called Labyrinth and the 1991 films like Career Opportunities and The Rocketeer.

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