Dating a cuban girl

Although Cuban women do tend to be more career oriented than most Latin American women are, children are still a major goal for most of them.

So if your eventual goal is to settle down and have a family – you are good to go with a Cuban beauty.

Cuban women are very feminine and very curvy – if you’re looking for a lady with a little more “junk in her trunk” then you’ll find plenty of beautiful and voluptuous women in Cuba.

With such a mixed ethnicity in Cuba such as Spanish, African and Asian it’s not surprising that some of the women there are quite stunning.

There is no end to the pursuit of a hedonistic lifestyle in good ole Cuba.

Cuba still remains as a bit of a mystery destination and not as attractive with regards to meeting beautiful women, and because of that, rather than in spite of, the opportunities there are great.

Haitian Creole is the other dominant language on the island, but you can also expect to hear English spoken quite a bit, especially with the number of foreign tourists visiting the country.

Then again when you’re speaking the language of love communication barriers tend to just collapse.

There are some fantastic beaches to where you can go and get some sun, sand and probably sex.

Varadero, Cayo Santa Maria and Guardalavaca all have resorts, white sand beaches and nightlife.

Cuba is an island country surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean.

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