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Whenever big changes are taking place in Washington regarding a party change and shift in leadership, an investigation is always bound to happen.However during the last election liberals have put a great deal of resistance whenever an investigation has been mentioned.Really good performance located on this particular web page.

The report also said there had been pushback to the FBI from the Justice Department.” Officials also stated that they are reevaluating any possible unresolved issues from the case of Clinton’s transition of classified information through her personal server.

Previously, Former FBI Director James Comey stated that despite Hillary Clinton’s actions being “extremely careless” he couldn’t find proof for her involvement in unlawful activities.

A report from The Hill gives us more information about this new investigation.

They say that the Justice Department has started a new examination of the Clinton Foundation’s engagement in corruption or other illegal activities during the time Hillary Clinton served her duty as the Secretary of State.

Unfortunately we are still witnessing Democrats standing in the way of justice.

The last time something like this occurred was with the election of President Bush back in 2000, when the Clinton administration made his life as hard and sad as they possibly could.

Sources told The Hill, under the condition of staying anonymous, that the investigation is more precisely about whether the Clintons promised or did any policy favors in exchange for donations for their charitable foundation.

Reportedly, officials said that the goal of the investigation was also to look into any tax-exempt assets being converted for personal or political use and whether the foundation obeyed the tax laws.

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