Chat with a sexbot with pictures - Zorpia dating

Zorpia allows users to share an unlimited number of photos, network, create profiles and use Zorpia's messaging system.Some people use Zorpia as a way to store photos since there is no storage limit.

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Even with a basic, free profile, Zorpians can control what is private and public on their page.

Users can also make information exclusively available to specific groups of people.

It all started with Picky Kid Pix who opened the first Zorpia email from her friend Devin. Given that it was pm and she was asleep, I opened the email. Normally, when you delete your account on any social media, you get the message that it’s deleted and you can’t find your account anymore.

The only way to see the message was to allow it access to my Facebook. I realized pretty quickly that there was something weird about this site because it immediately started emailing my contacts. This site had my account up for at least two days after I “deleted” it. The emails, I’m told, continue to plague my email contacts.

Each group focuses on different categories, and can be anything from the "If you are hot, join this group" group, to business groups and different activity groups.

If administrators come across any inappropriate content or pictures in group discussions, the content is discussed with the user who posted it and then removed to keep the site appropriate for teens.There are a variety of niche groups that users can join on Zorpia.Anyone can start a group and have others join in on discussion boards.Zorpia has struggled on determining what images violate their terms.Zorpia gives users access to a lot of profiles and one can contact any of these public profiles instantaneously.Users can browse through hundreds of profiles and find others based on location, age and what gender they are looking for.

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