Dating a college professor as a student

When I asked John to help with my resume, I knew I was testing dangerous waters, and after I met him at a very cool local hotel bar at 6 p.m.on a Tuesday night, I knew I had moved on to wading.

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After that, he called me daily sobbing, yelling and arguing.

He said that my “abandonment” was more hurtful than either of his divorces, and that I was the most selfish person he knew.

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The worst part: I still had another year of school and our interactions were unavoidable within the Music Business department.

I had designed an independent study that required guidance from a “faculty mentor” chosen by the department head.

Rebecca puts a knuckle between her teeth and tugs at her collar with the other hand, looking at me with a sideways glance that is almost coy, “I was just sort of taken by him, his looks, and his intelligence – sometimes I think the bad outweighs the good, but, I’m still with him. Neither the professor nor the student feel they have the option of integrating this relationship into the rest of their lives.

Possibly, they are misjudging the reactions of others.

During my 35 year career as a professor I dated many students and former students, and I met many of these students’ parents and siblings.

And never did I find that parents were not accepting of their daughter’s relationship with me.

I didn’t stay the night, but the pit in my stomach was an obnoxious buzz-kill for my ethereal drive home. The tricky part about older men is just that: they are older. Could I really have a future with a man that much my senior, with experiences and wrinkles to prove it? I never paused to view the relationship from his perspective.

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