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emily and jimmy completed a mini tour of exclusive acoustic shows across canada, with stops in winnipeg, edmonton, calgary, vancouver, and victoria in late april with cooperation from local radio stations.[5] the daughter of poet paul haines (best known for his lyrical collaboration with carla bley in the 1971 jazz opera escalator over the hill), haines left london at the age of three.

and then it became sort of a joke-- a band member would come up to me and be like, "i'm really tired and i can't go out tonight but would you ask john how he felt about my part in this song?

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but [metric singer] emily [haines] came out of the woodwork and dropped a vocal on it and it broke our hearts.[4] the band won two awards at 2013 juno awards: "alternative album of the year" for synthetica and "producer of the year" for james shaw.

the album, produced by james shaw, was well received by critics and fans.

is the message of pagans in vegas one about unplugging and tuning out?

new album's extended cast features many names fans will recognize from their previous triumphs with the group: leslie feist, stars' amy millan and evan cranley, metric's emily haines and jimmy shaw, jason collett, do make say think's ohad benchetrit, john crossingham, marty kinack, julie penner, leon kingstone, and lisa lobsinger.”“what happened last week with the creation of this show has been the happiest time, like this is the happiest i’ve ever been in this band,” she says.

we have a huge body of work, and i think i've made a real contribution.

december 2014, it was announced metric would be appearing in early 2015 on a new series called sessions x alongside artists like the trews, dear rouge, and buck 65.it was like sitting on the edge of a cliff with your friends, sharing a joint and looking out at the sunset and then just having them, like, puke.fans sent in requests and the band played a selected few.they performed at coachella festival on april 27, 2008,[10] and at the 2008 ottawa bluesfest on july 11, 2008 in addition to playing at the 2008 pemberton music festival in pemberton, british columbia on july 25, 2008 and all points west music & arts festival in new jersey on august 9, 2008.of late august 2013, haines is involved with fleet4hearme, a collaboration between herself, fleet jewelry, and hearme—the latter is an organization that aims to increase children's access to music programs in public schools.[56] death cab for cutie and leisure cruise opened for the lights on the horizon portion of the 2016 tour.

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