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(Surg.) To unite by means of applications, as the parts of a broken bone, or the lips of a wound.When you have balances on several different credit cards, paying them off can be a long, challenging process.

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You can use a low rate balance transfer to move your balances onto a single credit card.

That's if your credit card has a large enough credit limit.

If you fall behind on your payments, you face foreclosure, which is much worse than defaulting on your credit card payments.

Debt consolidation loans are used solely to combine all your debts.

You can typically borrow up to the cash value of your loan and use the proceeds to consolidate debt.

Your insurance company won’t require you to make payments as long as the loan is less than the cash value of the policy, but it’s a good idea to make payments anyway.

If you don’t repay the loan, then the death benefit will be used to cover what you borrowed and your survivors may not get anything at all.

This is another last resort method you can use to consolidate debt.

These loans may be offered by major banks or from so-called non-profit debt consolidation companies.

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