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Option not working- Fixed: Creation Date/Time- Fixed: UID2 and UID3 fields reversed- Fixed: HEX Viewer sometimes hangs- Fixed: Opening a Read-Only file throws an Exception "not a 3rd edition file"- Updated: Text Box cursor17 March 07 - SISXplorer 1.0 has been Released.

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All the 3rd FP1, 3rd FP2, 5th, S^1, S^3, Anna, Belle devices are supported.

If you own one of these devices, then visit the new website

Now, devices running Nokia Symbian S60 do not support Whats App for Nokia anymore as the support was ended by the messaging application in June 2017.

Below is a list of devices that still support Whats App for Nokia and the devices that don’t support Whats App for Nokia based on their operating system not just manufacturer as some Samsung devices also had the Nokia Symbian operating systems.

I'm Marco Bellino a Freelance Symbian Developer from Turin, Italy.

I've been elected Forum Nokia Champions 2008and I'm an Accredited Symbian Developer In this website you can find some hobbyist software I developed during these years.

Using SISXplorer you can:- Extract all the images from 3rd Edition Themes- Check that the 3rd Edition Programs will not install suspicious or dangerous files.- Deeply Inspect the content of each file using the Integrated Hexadecimal Viewer. At this time, the software is able to manage 3rd Edition sis only.

If the project will be sustained from users, I'll continue the development adding new cool features and adding the capability to manage 2nd Edition sis also.4 December 06 - Little Software Update.

Here follows a partial change-log:- New: The plugin's syntax is now case-insensitive- New: Integrated a cleaner to remove previous versions.- New: Confirm Message after writing Donation Code.- Improved: Hiding/Viewing icon.- Improved: General code improvements.- Fixed: Shutdown and Restart on N70 (Misc Plugin)- Fixed: Sometimes the sms sent from Guardian were empty (Forward Plugin)- Fixed: Crash managing some particular sms (Forward Plugin)- Fixed: Showing Guardian icon after remote disabling (Config Plugin)- Updated: Replaced "Request Code" with IMEI code- Updated: Changed all the UIDs to avoid conflicts with a very old beta version. Please, do NOT email me about, I will not have time to reply you.

All furthers details will be announced as soon as possibile.

Visit This Page on Thursday and on Sunday to keep yourself constantly informed about the software development progress and to know the interesting features that will be included in Guardian 3rd Edition.

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