White only dating site

“I knew immediately that I needed to stop talking to him.” Racism on dating sites usually manifests in more insidious ways, though.

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Still, the line between a white supremacist and a white person who tells Ok Cupid they think there’s a correlation between race and intelligence is quite blurry.

“Some decisions are easy: White supremacists and Nazis are not welcome here,” Ok Cupid CEO Elie Seidman told me via email. Our goal is member safety and the removal of hateful content from our platform.” Seidman wrote that the company has a zero-tolerance policy toward harassers, and “any clear connection between one of our members and [a hate group] is an indication to us that they do not subscribe to our mission to create a welcoming, inviting place.” Surely there are plenty of white supremacists who don’t have a clear connection to a recognized hate group but who tell Ok Cupid in their user questionnaires that they use racial slurs and would happily date a vocal racist.

Now, the employees who respond to user reports have the ADL’s glossary of hate symbols as a guide to telltale signs of hate-group membership, and any profile with language from the glossary will get flagged as potentially problematic.

The platform has also added the Confederate flag to its list of prohibited images.

(Seidman did not answer my questions about the site’s race-related queries that let racists out themselves.) Ok Cupid, in particular, has been helping people broadcast their hateful views on the site for years.

The platform’s match algorithm depends on a series of questions that users can answer and rate by importance—and several of them all but encourage users to out themselves as racists.had waged on the company, encouraging its readers to harass the staff of Bumble in order to protest the company’s public support of women’s empowerment.(Only women, not men, can make the first move on the app.) “At that point, we realized that there’s a larger conversation to be had here about not wanting these people in our app,” said Alex Williamson el-Effendi, Bumble’s vice president of brand content.“I think that’s a much more direct, and, for me, as a user of the app, meaningful way of combating racism rather than saying you’re going to kick out one or two super vocal, super-visible racists.” There’s absolutely nothing wrong with dating sites taking a hard-line stance against vocal white supremacists.At the same time, if sites are already letting users out themselves as racists and banning those who use hate speech, the chances of a person of color accidentally matching with a white supremacist are slim.In fact, Tanisha Humphrey, also 27, likes Ok Cupid specifically because it asks blunt questions about racist attitudes.

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