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Divine women who regenerated the male soul, psyche, and often his physical body as well.

One such Priestess, the last known Prioress on Iona is Anna Mac Lean.

It is curious indeed that so many women are taking sojourns to Iona for their own unique initiations with the Goddess and Divine Feminine.

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They built a small library for which they called their heart seed along with a temple.

These refugees of the lost continent of Atlantis called the Isle of Iona, Aberuk, or “distant place of the heart.” The Druid maps listed Iona as Innis nan Druidnean, the Isle of Druids, possibly because it is believed that at one time the island had 350 standing stones.

Her body still rests on the Isle, she died in 1543, upon her tombstone is an effigy of a woman holding a child with an inscribed dedication to Saint Maria.

Many may assume this is a dedication to the Virgin Mary, however if one looks deeper into the symbolism, you will note that the woman is flanked by Twin Towers.

Not only is this a medieval symbol for Mari Magdalena, but her name itself means Tower, Fish Tower or Tower of Fishermen in Hebrew.

In researching for this article, I discovered quite synchro-mystically, that my own name “Tara” means Tower in Gaelic.Was this secret passed down to the last Prioress on Iona, Anna Mac Lean?I like to imagine the ancient temple where Mari is rumored to have once walked and bore a son, is yet to be discovered under the ruins of the Iona Nunnery still standing today, call it an intuitive hunch.Three miles of heaven on earth, no air pollution, no city sounds, only beautiful nature abounds.Iona legends go back to the age of Atlantis, both as a literal story of radical changes in coastal geomorphology from cyclical natural catastrophe, as evidenced by the mystical rock formations adorning the Staffa Caves nearby; but also as metaphor of ancient wisdom sinking into the subconscious. One such legend speaks of a group consisting of 7 males and 3 females, along with one child establishing an Atlantean colony on Iona.The ruins of the great Halls where the kings once met, are on the Hill of Tara in Ireland.

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