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The couple have been spotted at beaches and dinners frequently.

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The two actors- who share the same show ‘One Tree Hill’ have been frequently spotted dating each other behind the sets.

The two met back in 2010 and while they played love interest in the series, there were no news regarding any intimate relation in real life.

She recently came to news as it was reported that she would appear in the superhero franchise “The Flash” as a regular cast in season 2.

A potential candidate for Barry’s (The Flash)’s love interest, she is to star as Officer Spivot in the upcoming season.

"They like each other," a source close to Michele dished to the magazine.

"They're getting to know each other." The 35-year-old actor is best known for his work in “i Zombie” and “One Tree Hill.” The new romance comes after Michele and Paetz, a former male escort, split in February..

The rumor was squashed apparently and none of them gave any indication as such.

Whatsoever, the two look simply wonderful together.

Currently busy with her own sci-fi series Messenger, the actress, of age 29, was recently interviewed regarding this show, And from that, people found another talent of this hottie.

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