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What’s the boldest thing you’ve done through texting? Have you succumbed to the seduction of an older woman ever? Who was the first woman to touch your penis (apart from our mother!

When you first had sex, did you suffer from premature ejaculation? Tell five things that make having sex and making love different for you.49.

How old were you when you first French-kissed and did you dribble?

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What do you like the most that I do when we have sex?

Have you been naughty and had sex in a public place?

If so how do you feel about losing something so intimate?

Have you ever taken up the services of a professional woman?

Have you ever felt horny while texting on the phone?

If I was with you right now, what would you do to me?

Do you think we’d do something funny if we get drunk together?

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