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Portman was a fan of Banhart's when she approached him to be a part of a special i Tunes playlist she was creating for charity.

Who is devendra banhart dating 2016

You live in the Los Angeles area, but recorded your new album in Northern California.

I started re-reading books by the writer Richard Brautigan again, and I wanted to record in the same town where he worked.

I just watched your hip-hop version of "Master Song", and it seems like you guys were having a fun time.

First off, Beck is like the best musician in the world.

I was like the black sheep because I don't know how to sing, play guitar, anything.

Pitchfork: Does contributing to a project like that make you want to be more spontaneous with your own work?For example, I was recording a song for this last record and while I was playing a fly landed on my nose.Pitchfork: So you're trying to get further into this idea of controlled spontaneity.However, Natalie appears to be confident cuddling up to her new beau in front of the press, indicating the relationship could be getting serious.Vulture caught up with Banhart to talk about recording in a remote area of Northern California and his favorite songs of the decade.They met when she starred in Banhart's "Carmensita" music video, as his love interest, in March 2008.

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