Does letoya luckett dating ludacris

Le Toya, 36, surprised her fans when she married — then quickly divorced Rob Hill, Sr last year.

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Toyin Dong, the daughter of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame singer Estelle Bennett of the Ronettes, spoke with the women of Brooklyn Community Services (BCS) Transitional Living Community Shelter (TLC) recently about growing up with a mother who suffered from mental illness- and not knowing until adolescence that her mother was a music icon.

TLC, located in the Brooklyn, New York Women’s Shelter, supports homeless women who are suffering from severe mental illness and dealing with domestic violence, sexual assault. During the 1960s, Estelle, her sister Ronnie Spector and cousin Nedra Talley were the legendary glam girl group The Ronettes. Says Toyin: “I move forward paying homage to my mother who was unable to reclaim herself after succumbing to mental illness.”……

And I'm about to get my dash on so even quicker Make up your mind, make up your time, pick up your face Put it on the line, go put a clown, don't play it safe It's inevitable, our feelings gon' get in the way But on the way, we can't be playin' all up in the grey, hey [Chorus: Le Toya Luckett] There's no way we can stay in the grey We don't have to fall in love, oh no If that ain't what you want, oh But it's not okay for us to play in the grey We don't have to fall in love Ooh 'cause that ain't what I want In their first collaboration since 2009’s “Regret”, former Destiny’s Child songstress links up again with established rapper Ludacris.

In a song devoted to the unknowing areas of a relationship, both Le Toya and Luda share their experiences of being stuck in the muddy grey area.

The longer you lay in my arms, the harder I'll be to lose now You try to resist but every kiss is making you wanna stay If you don't ever wanna leave then, boy, it's all you have to say Just tell me what to say, ooh [Pre-Chorus: Le Toya Luckett] And for the first time in a long time things ain't so clear And as much as I wanna hold on, I know if we stay here I'll never see my fairy tale, I'll just be another nightingale If you never plan on setting sail, then why keep me here?

Oh, baby [Chorus: Le Toya Luckett] There's no way we can stay in the grey, babe We don't have to fall in love, oh If that ain't what you want, oh But it's not okay for us to play in the grey We don't have to fall in love, we don't have to fall in love, no But I know what I want, ooh [Verse 3: Ludacris] I know exactly what I want You out here playin, Luda Listen, either you want it or you don't Nobody got time to be playin' games as sure as the season change You'll either be rich in love or go for broke And life is too short to wastin' time and baby, you wastin' mine You sinkin' and I'm just tryna stay afloat I feel like at times you gettin' bored, we playin' a tug-o-war And you the only one that's pullin' on the rope We were in perfect harmony until you went off on a couple notes And now I'm singin' to the tune of a sad song You be the reason that we may not ever last long You be leavin' me in the dark without the flash on Get the picture?According to, former Destiny’s Child member turned actress Letoya Luckett married Dallas-based entrepreneur Tommicus Walker on December 10 in a lavish ceremony in Austin, Texas.The intimate wedding was held at Villa Antonia, a sprawling mansion.The song became her second most successful single of her solo career, behind her debut single "Torn".A remix with new lyrics and production, and a feature from rapper Missy Elliott leaked to the internet on November 18, 2009.Whereas Luda compares the haziness of his situation to playing tug of war, a game that he’s destined to lose as only one of them is holding on.

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