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It helps the physician in selecting the true constitutional medicine.

She snatches the tin can and hurls it away, and smacks her small son which does not improve matters. If she could only go away from everybody and everything, and lie alone, in the dark, and close her eyes! There are horrifying brown bands or blotches on the forehead, and saddlewise across the nose and cheekbones. Women needing this remedy are usually strong and hardy until they are overstressed.

Then they become emotional wrecks resulting in depression, irritability, crying and indifference towards their loved ones.

It should not be used without consulting an experienced homeopath.

The description of sepia is for the reader to identify with its sensitive characteristics.

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This is one of the best remedies for women who have become worn out from all their toils of life.

Many women’s health issues are addressed with this remedy.

For example, the pre-menstrual syndrome, vaginities, menopause, pregnancy, miscarriage, endometriosis, anemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive disorders, loss of sexual desire, mental disorders, depression and hysteria.

Sepia is a deep-acting medicine and requires infrequent repetitions.

Also information about the drugs being seized and the racket behind it is in the news pretty regularly. Now, new photos (pics) from the party have emerged.

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