Delhi girl for dating

Fashion isn't necessarily a deafening sense of being materialistic or shallow.It teaches us to imbibe and make do with the best options around us and a girl who loves her fashion knows how to do that best.

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There are varied categories and none of them have close-ended boundaries.

You can date any 'type' of a Delhi girl and trust me, she will still not bore you.

Indian men r impatient and impulsive and judgemental.

Prefer to keep away from one who doesn't know meaning of...

So if you think about it, Delhi girls are as independent as the culture the city has to offer!

Actually, independence runs incestuously within the clout Delhi extensively brags about and women are heavily a part of it.

You will revel in her company and hold her close, like she belongs, just for that moment.

If you happen to cross paths with the strong shouldered, politically inclined change maker, you're in luck.

One gallant evening with her and you'll know the difference between anti-nationalists and revolutionaries!

If you're on a date with a fashionista, you're in for a world of sweet pain. And, contradictory to popular belief, they do have a soul and quite a colourful, fashionable one at that.

Don't get me wrong, she's not a classist or a complete fascist either.

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