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The Roman Army is led by General Aurus, who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

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One wrote: "Did anyone else get serious #Game Of Thrones vibes when they were torturing that Roman prisoner in #Britannia?

" Another added: "Awesome, best British production I've ever seen, game of thrones on acid." From now on all hour-long episodes of the series will be available on Sky TV.

“The daily activity can be anything from fixing a toilet to public speaking at a meeting,” says Perreault, a 62-year-old grandfather of three who has been practicing social nudism since 1988. BP: I don’t think it’s more of an issue here than anywhere else; we use bug spray, and suntan lotion, which the bugs don’t seem to like.

“One needs to be adequately skilled at all trades.” SEVEN DAYS: So, is this place clothing optional, or…?

While the story is set in what is now the United Kingdom, scenes were filmed in a number of international locations.

The show features beautiful coastal scenery - some of which is CGI, and some backdrop locations include the Czech Republic and Wales.

Ten large sets were built for the drama, and more than 20 locations feature in the series.

Producers also had a copy of Stonehenge made, along with dwellings and a meadow near Mořinka, which is in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic.

Founded in 1956, Coventry used to be primarily a retreat for “more liberal” Canadians, thanks to its previous owner, who was also from up north.

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