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The Ohio DOC has quality physical and mental health care and supportive education in an efficient and cost effective manner.ODRC - Ohio Reformatory for Women (ORW) is a state penitentiary that is operated by the Ohio Department of Corrections (DOC) and is used to house and rehabilitate criminals sentenced by a judge to a specific commitment length.A Mom and Me Day Camp is scheduled during the summer months and a Mom and Kids Day Holiday event is scheduled in December.

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Daily classes on Life Skills, Coping Strategies, Family Services, Health and Wellness, Recovery Issues, Job Readiness, Dressing for Success, Finance Management and other topics make up this comprehensive curriculum for the Short Term Offender program and address the 8 Reentry Domains of education, employment, marital and family , associates and social interaction, substance abuse, community functioning, personal and emotional and attitude.

Therapeutic Community The Therapeutic Community (TC) are long-term (6-12 months) residential Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) treatment programs.

The Reintegration Unit is based on a pro-social model of integrating institutional and community resources to facilitate re-entry and reduce recidivism.

Mom and Kids Day The Ohio Reformatory for Women strives to promote family bonding in preparation for family reunification, with this in mind special family oriented events are scheduled twice a year.

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Information is provided in the living units detailing the selection process for these events.

Achieving Baby Care Succsss Child development experts have determined that infants must bond with their mother in the first few months of life or their emotional and intellectual functioning is impaired.

Meal times are assigned and inmates have 25 minutes in which to eat and leave the dining room, there are no seconds.

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