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I’m looking forward to the next one where we learn about Claudia Joy’s big entitled “Hail & Farewell,” but the episode is all about rifts — rifts between the friendships and rifts between the families. Honestly, I’m surprised that the issue has come up sooner, but thought that this episode was really a good place to explore it. Brown) has been separate from Joan (Wendy Davis) many times, including two years most recently, he admitted in the last episode that this current separation while Joan is in the PTSD program has been the hardest.

His actions and the subsequent actions of his father have a spiraling effect on the Sherwood and Holden households and friendship.

Of course, Denise (Catherine Bell) and Frank (Terry Serpico) are barely speaking.

So when Scott Decker (Josh Casaubon), another single parent whom she shares a past with, comes along, it’s easy to let her guard down..

But I guess it’s a good thing that she has a friend like Roxy (Sally Pressman) to talk it through. So it was no surprise that Amanda (Kim Allen) bonded with Denise (Catherine Bell) as both deal with Jeremy’s departure (Richard Bryant).

While Michael is dealing with his daughter’s secret rendezvous with Jeremy (who has been what . Sure, Claudia Joy could have handled it a bit better.

But Denise is naive if she thinks that Jeremy affinity for hitting won’t affect Amanda.

Amanda’s pain causes Claudia Joy (Kim Delaney) and Michael Holden (Brian Mc Namara) to deal with their own separation — a daughter who is growing up and making decisions for herself.

Meanwhile, Denise heads back to school, a step towards finding herself.

, which debuted last month, have made the drama the #1 show in Lifetime’s history.

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