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February 2018 I volunteer if you fancy taking such photos as per the video of Janelynn. I wish you ongoing fun and pleasure into the New Year. Have thought of being Domme but not my cup of tea, although may switch for right person. I am only prepared to chat with male admirers, but do not want to know your dick size or what you'd like to do with it!! Planned meetings later on in the year turned into disappointments, but in life there are many worse things so what’s meant to be will be. To Jo, I am so pleased about your find and continued happiness. Hogtie or chairtie are my favourite positions and being very well ball or harness gagged.

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So I raise a glass or two to you all, thank you and hope 2018 brings you and your loved ones all the best. - I was placed in a single arm glove for 30 minutes. Each booted ankle securley tied to the rear legs of the chair. Wrists pulled to one corner, ankles to another, waist to a third and finally elbows to the fourth. - Ankles tied to spreader bar, made to kneel, forehead on floor and then wrists that were tied at the front were pulled between thighs and secured to centre of spreader bar!

I look forward to 2018 and hope that my dreams and wishes of a more fun filled bondage year come to fruition.

At the least, that I’ll be able to provide you with an opportunity to provide more comments. Gagged for 20 minutes with a big fat purple ballgag. - Tied down on the bed on my side with elbows and wrists tied behind my back.

And finally to Stella at TVChix, thank you for providing and managing this website. Experienced in being bound once over a two day period and loved it a lot. My knees and ankles tied tightly and then I was secured to the 4 corners of the bed. And to cap it of I was gagged once again with the ballgag.

Mmmpppphhhhh Kirsty xxx So the planned self bondage happened and wow what a fun experience.

Go to the following link for the update It stays on for 15 mins minimum being what I’d set. Can look attractive although isn't that a personal opinion? I don't mind being photographed, videoed or teased with a vibrator.

If I have to wait till daytime, I’ll have to do my escape through the garden during daylight hours, in all my gear!

Or I put the keys in the kitchen and no one sees me, day or night.

Anyone have suggestions how to enhance, improve, or have ideas of anything else to make the experience memorable?

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