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Ooooooooooh Enimem, I never dated a white dude before….. Because it’s obvious that you will not sell any RECORDS, don’t get too “COMFY” over there at Cash Money Records Sweeeeetie because if they DROPPED Teena Marie, they are going to be SWEEPING your ASS out the DOOR pretty soon! The battle is over, the battle is not yours it is the Lord’s! Or am I going to have to THROW your ass out of the window? I mean, even the Queen isn’t dissing these BITCHES anymore! It looks like like someone PUMPED helium straight into her body! Can someone tell me what happened with Pretty Money? Regardless of whether or not you agree with her opinions on Miz Minaj, you cannot deny that this is some straight up poetry right here!

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I can’t wait for Matel to sue this bitch for all of the $3.60 that she earned! I can hear pain on every track, you need a whole lot of SPECIAL attention.

Damn, they wouldn’t even give you Executive Producer credit, which still equals…….. I can’t believe I wasted my $13.99 on this BULL SHIT, I told yall that it aint no damn Barbies in the hood! We seen the BEFORE, it would have been better if you came out AFTER all of the surgery! When you pulled “Massive Attack,” you should have pulled a few more! Instead of buying all of them costumes and wigs, you need to invest in a psychiatrist.

It’s AMAZING what a little make-up and camera angles can do! I noticed that there were a Hell a lot of people in this 360 deal, Universal, Young Money, Cash Money….. I mean, they get album sale Money, Endorsement Money, Merchandising Money, Show Money which equals….

Shout out to the stylists and photographers who done a spectacular job, airbrushing and styling this “Dungeon Dragon” because we all know that this “Lint-Lizard” doesn’t look like this in person…. With all of the writer’s, producer’s, features and after my husband Weezy cashes in on all of his favors, Onika will be left with $3.60 which equals…. I mean, let’s be real here……100% can only go but Sooooooooooo many ways.

She quickly reminded Khia of her last hit and offered advice on what she believes she should be doing – workin’ on makin’ a hit record.

Then, the ladies turned the camera to their other ride or die who also had a few colorful remarks to throw in.

Toya’s mama didn’t appreciate the disrespect either and she had a couple things to say. #Toya Wright and #Reginae Carter let #Khia have it after she went on to talk about Toya and her current relationship with the father of her new baby girl that’s on the way (SWIPE)—via.

@adonn.s A post shared by " style=" color:#c9c8cd; font-family: Arial,sans-serif; font-size:14px; font-style:normal; font-weight:normal; line-height:17px;" target="_blank" We know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you have to be ready for the backlash.

Looking out onto a packed audience, Twista performed a fan ? taken-by=italiaanita Back in November, Italia Smith-Cardinez, the eldest daughter of LL Cool J and his wife Simone, hosted a gender reveal party for Thanksgiving where her family learned that she was having a boy.

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