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The method previously pulled the user from the session when doing the check.It disregarded it if the user was not in the session (offline). Also, moderators suggest creating a configurable setting.

Chat request from 42-81

Of course, the comment immediately above this states this as well.

You will need to fix this @Nexus HD @Nexus HD - as pangeacake stated, please remove "the." You could just do a search for Spigot Craft or something (or clone and edit yourself), but I'm not really in favor of creating a "template" server.

When you are not the creator of the chat channel you will need an invite in order to participate in the chat.

When chat invitations are sent they appear in two ways: Chat Window: a system message will appear in the main Chat Window with the options to accept or decline the invite.

It's best that those who start a server take their time and learn about the plugins they are adding/using.

Once the Chat Window is open you can send messages to local channels or other players by pressing ‘ENTER’ to access the text entry field, then ‘ENTER’ again to send the message.Conversation Tabs and Contacts are two such elements; by Right Clicking on the Conversation Tab or Contact tab, a menu of options is displayed for additional actions you can perform.By default your newly created Private Channel is called “Private Channel”.If you leave a channel you created, the channel will cease to exist.Once you have created a Private Channel you can invite your contacts to that channel.In order to change this, Right Click on the tab in the Channels window and select “Rename”.

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