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I shall avoid as much as possible the tone of controversy, and shall cite authorities for statements of fact not found in the commoner Masonic histories.

I hope I may be pardoned for adding that I have sufficient confidence in my own intellectual honesty to believe that Time, if she shall point out any trifling errors of statement, and whether she confirms or refutes my conclusions, will vindicate the candor with which I present the subject and the correctness of my statements of historical facts.

The second colored Grand Lodge, called the "First Independent African Grand Lodge of North America in and for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania," was organized in 1815 and the third was the "Hiram Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania." These three Grand Bodies fully recognized each other in 1847, by joining in forming a National Grand Lodge, and practically all the negro Lodges in the United States are descended from one or the other of these.

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Another Lodge was organized, by his authority, in Providence, Rhode Island.

In 1808 these three Lodges joined in forming the "African Grand Lodge" of Boston subsequently styled the "Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Massachusetts" and Masonry gradually spread over the land.

The following paper was originally prepared for the use of the members of the Grand Lodge of Washington, Free and Accepted Masons.

The opinion having been expressed that the interest felt by members of the Fraternity throughout the country in the subject, to which the paper relates will occasion a demand for the "Proceedings" of that Grand Lodge which would cast an undue burden on the Grand Lodge; and THE PACIFIC MASON, with its usual public spirit, having offered to come to the relief of the Grand Lodge by publishing a separate edition of the essay, a few copies are now issued in the present form.

The Lodge was organized under the warrant four days later.

It remained upon the English registry occasionally contributing to the Grand Charity Fund until, upon the amalgamation of the rival Grand Lodges of the "Moderns " and the "Ancients " into the present United G. of England, in 1813, it and the other English Lodges in the United States were erased.

When I have done this, my task will have been completed;.

unless I invite such readers only as reach the same conclusions as I do, to consider briefly what course ought to be adopted by the white Masons of America to restore the ancient universality of Masonry.

The petition was referred to a committee composed of Past Grand 'Masters THOMAS MILBURNE REED and JAMES EWEN EDMISTON and the present writer, then a Grand Warden. The comity and consideration for the opinions of others shown by the Washington committee and Grand Lodge were neither appreciated nor reciprocated.

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