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The beginning of the song is always easy for me, but working with other collaborators is always the best way to stay focused and inspired. there are always dreams, and still a few clients it would be an honour to work for.

Are there any artists and musicians you would like to collaborate with on a song? You are the face of Paco Rabanne fragrance since 2008, and you worked also on campaigns for Diesel, Chanel, Tommy and many more, is there any dream modelling job out there you’d still want to get? I have to say my most memorable shoot – was maybe shooting with Bruce Weber and Kate Moss when I was 17 years old!

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Fast forward to 2017, and the industry has changed so much, the arrival of social media has massively altered all aspects of the job, and I for one could never have predicted how important it would become – I guess none of us knew hey.

But in a way I feel the biggest change for me is, simply that there’s so much more. You are passionate about your music, did you always know you want to try yourself as a singer and songwriter as well?

Besides music and modelling, what else are you passionate about?

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If Rembrandt Duran stopped making stupid faces in all his pics he might be a bit more than decent.

It’s like he doesn’t know how to smile without sticking his tongue out or making some weird eye-brow raise thing.I’ll be VERY surprised if he stays off camera in her upcoming reality show.The model ex I don’t want to say because he’s not “officially” out.Standard Post Images may be a maximum of 550 pixels wide x 550 pixels tall. If you want a claim that is already taken, it is up to you to get permission from the original claimer (Based on RBN's first come first serve) to share the claim.If both participants are willing, they must both reply to the thread giving the approval. What is your stand on the whole social and ‘influencer’ moment serving as a shortcut to the top both in music and fashion right now? But I don’t really like shortcuts myself, you miss out on the fun of the journey.

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