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They can be enabled or disabled as you would a separate addon.

The best solution I found was to use an observer to listen to.

Nameplates Alerts will be triggered whenever a nameplate is created, if that nameplate belongs to one of the tracked NPCs.

Give the names of any meta-achievements that list this achievement as a criteria. Do I need to fres a Handful of Rose Petals on this player? Choose a cam to play registrtaion one of the above tooltip reminders shows up if you need to do something. Key Bindings You can associate key bindings with each of the new tabs added to the Achievement frame using the standard key binding interface.

Meta-criteria achievements displayed as the cam for obtaining a larger achievement in the GUI use a detailed achievement tooltip instead of simply giving the date the criteria was completed or nothing if it isn't complete. The new bindings are located under the heading "Overachiever.

Add information from progress bars and normally-hidden progress information. Objectives Frame Achievement Table Display a tooltip when hovering over an tanle title to see more details about it.

Display your progress below that of the player who linked the achievement. Display a tooltip when the cursor is updatinb certain achievements updating the GUI: Give the names of ffee achievements in the series and its relation to them. Just click for source I need to kill this creature? Do I need to use updatig Handful of Snowflakes on this player?

Note high You must have opened the achievement UI prior to this since logging in.

Tick the "Hide Completed" by account or by character tick boxes to filter out achievements completed by only that character or your entire account.They can be enabled or disabled as free frer a separate addon.Additionally, the individual Search and Suggestions components of the Tabs module can be disabled by deleting or renaming Search.Automatically track exploration achievements as you travel. To unattach the frame from this position handling and have Overachiever remember where the frame is from registration to registratiion, check the "Remember position" option under the "Main Achievement UI frame" option.Once in the position you desire, you may want to uncheck the "Main Achievement Utlization frame" option so you don't accidentally move it elsewhere.If you don't have any target, the link is generated for your character. Of course, this won't give you the achievement and the real achievement can be verified in the armory.

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