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The series combines humor, puzzle elements, themes and characters borrowed from various legends, puns, and memorable characters, creating a 5-part series in the Sierra stable. The series consisted of five games, each of which followed directly upon the events of the last.

Any character that finishes any game in the series (except Dragon Fire, the last in the series) can be exported to a more recent game (Shadows of Darkness has a glitch which allows one to import characters from the same game), keeping the character's statistics and parts of its inventory.

If the character received the paladin sword, he would keep the magic sword (Soulforge or Piotyr's sword) and special paladin magic abilities.

Characters from every game and genre in the series reappear in the fourth and fifth games.

In addition to deviating from the player's expectations of the culture represented in each game, the series also includes a number of intentional anachronisms, such as the pizza-loving, mad scientists in the later games.

For instance, if a door is closed, instead of lockpicking or casting an open spell, the fighter can simply knock down the door.

The magic user and the thief are both non-confrontational characters, as they lack the close range ability of the fighter, but are better able to attack from a distance, using daggers or spells.

Quest for Glory V also features special kinds of equipment which lower some stats while raising others.

At the beginning of each game, the player may assign points to certain attributes, and certain classes only have specific attributes enabled, although skills can be added for an extra cost.

It is also possible to build, over the course of several games, a character that has points in every skill in the game, and can therefore perform nearly every task.

Each character class features special abilities unique to that class, as well as a shared set of attributes which can be developed by performing tasks and completing quests.

A character imported into a later game in the series from any other game can be assigned any character class, including Paladin.

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